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Does this describe you and your family?

Official Application for Admission

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  • Does this describe you and your family?

    It’s become very clear to me in doing this work for over 13 years that there is a very specific type of family and a very specific type of child who benefits from my unique approach.

    –Maybe math is the biggest problem in your entire family’s life.

    –Maybe your child has a ton of math to master independently to catch up or jump ahead.

    –Maybe your child loves math and you just want them to be nurtured by a caring math mentor.

    Either way, you, the parent, are in it for the long haul. You desire that your child deeply understands and loves math.

    Your child is unique, creative, passionate, and visionary. You cherish this in your child and would never want this to get squelched, especially by math fear or trauma.

    Because you know that if your child’s got math down, they’re up for anything. They will be able to create the life they want, and be able to bring their dreams into the world.

    You want your child to experience math as an intuitive tool. And you want them to be nurtured by a caring, trailblazing mentor in developing these skills.

    I only work with families who are open to a holistic approach where their child is supported in his or her totality, including the emotional aspects of learning.

    And I only work with families where the student really wants to work with me and really wants to do their best,

    and with parents who are organized, respectful, and focused on the long-term process of mastery.

    I’ve found these are the elements beyond my control that really contribute to the accelerated transformation that I create with my clients through my work, so I don’t work with families without those qualities.

    Did I just describe what you’re going through as a family, and what you want for your child?

    GREAT! You are totally in the right place!

    My tutoring is for families who want more than just a math tutor. It’s for parents who want their child to enter into the word of math mastery.

    I do things differently around here. I’m not a typical tutor. I’ve come to understand that truly mastering math is a multifaceted challenge that needs a multifaceted solution.

    So my work is extremely multifaceted in order to create meaningful, lasting transformation. I create extraordinary results through a very heartfelt, holistic, connected process.

    And that actually starts at the very get-go, right here, with your application.

    This application process is lovingly designed for us to forge a deep connection and also make sure a deep learning connection is there between your child and me.

    Here’s what to do:

    1. Please read the following important instructions carefully.

    2. This application has 38 questions, mostly multiple choice, and should take about 30 minutes to complete.

    3. Answer the questions below. There is no wrong way to answer any of them. I just want to hear your honest opinion.

    4. Please feel free to explain and elaborate on any of your answers – the more information you provide, the better. I really want to get the full picture here, so I can be of the highest possible service to you and your child. All information will be kept confidential.

    5. On multiple choice questions, if you want or need to provide more information, please feel free to add your own explanations for any of the questions. If you’re not sure which answer best describes your situation, just select the closest one and let me know more about your individual situation in the free response area below the question, labeled “optional comments” or “other, please explain.”

    Please note: My holistic math mentoring process goes completely beyond what is typically created by an hour-to-hour tutor and powerfully creates long-lasting math clarity and confidence. So please understand, I am not an hour-to-hour tutor and I do not offer hour-to-hour tutoring.

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